Product News: Preventive Maintenance

Mentenanta preventiva (Intretinere)

Mentenanta preventiva (Intretinere)

One of the most important jobs of a FM professional is to ensure that an organization’s assets are in optimal condition. This means not only repairing assets quickly when they break, but also making sure that they are not likely to break in the first place and are operating at full capacity. While this job is incredibly important, it is not as simple as issuing a work order to repair a broken part.

Preventive maintenance requires creating and following a maintenance schedule in addition to recording the condition of the assets. Keeping track of so many factors can be extremely difficult and assets are bound to slip through the cracks unless there is a streamlined and centralized system in place. This is where ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance (PM) comes in. The application provides the tools to proactively maintain assets, efficiently balance schedules, optimize resources, and track key metrics.

ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance provides an integrated Web-based solution for automating and proactively managing PM tasks, streamlining the PM process to increase efficiency and ensure that organizations miss fewer critical tasks and commit fewer errors. This enables users to improve the PM process to minimize costly repairs, reduce operational downtime, extend asset service lifecycles, and improve planning.

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