Workplace Services

How well an organization manages the time of its most valuable and costly resource – its people – is the measure of a truly effective and collaborative environment.
At many organizations, office space is frequently underutilized by 50% or more, resulting in a larger than necessary real estate and carbon footprint, along with their associated costs.
Is your organization experiencing frequent errors and missed priorities because service requests are not being handled properly?
Eliminate the need for dedicated personnel to handle service requests and provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests.

ARCHIBUS Romania offers a variety of platform and mobile solutions to manage your workplace services - from single users within a department to worldwide access via the Internet.Workplace Services module includes a number of applications, apart from the mobile apps:


Simplify scheduling and management of shared use space to increase efficiency and optimize utilization from desktop and mobile devices

Service Desk

Provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests to promote organizational efficiency and reduce administrative costs


Promote space efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and flexible work arrangements through a shared workspace program

Fleet Management

Optimize the utilization and performance of your mobile assets

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