Discover a solution based on Cloud access.

The innovation brought by Archibus cloud integration allows you to add strategic modules as your needs evolve and business strategy changes.

Payment Subscription

Archibus Cloud is based on monthly subscription


The subscription plan depends on the selected modules and the size of the spaces managed.


Solution allows an unlimited number of users


The larger the space, the lower the unit cost per area

first month
Multilingual solution Multilingual solution
Standard support Standard support
24x7 monitoring 24x7 monitoring
Access to the latest upgradesAccess to the latest upgrades

You've got questions?

Find answers to common questions and get a better overview on Archibus Cloud

What is Archibus Cloud?

ARCHIBUS Cloud is a software interface for Archibus solutions with which customers can easily access and manage their data with a simple internet access.

The basic ARCHIBUS Foundations package delivered through the cloud includes:

  • System administration
  • Foundations homepage with strategic dashboards
  • Space management console
  •  Service console
  • Equipment management
  • Employee-facing workplace web application
  • Space and occupancy reports
  • Maintenance and service reports
  • Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and Revit
  • and online help


Archibus Add-on Cloud Modules that sit on top of and extend Archibus Foundations include:

  • Space Management Module
  • Building Operations Module
  • Asset Management Module
  • Reservations Module


Where is Archibus Cloud hosted?

Archibus Cloud is hosted by Data Center Partners around the world. Customers can choose one of the 5 regions: Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore and the USA.

How is Archibus Cloud hosted?

Archibus has a dedicated team that monitors, maintains and manages all Cloud solutions in accordance with the signed contracts and the security policy information.

How the support is offered?

Customers can choose to purchase Level 1 support from ARCHIBUS Solution Center – Romania, ARCHIBUS Certified Business Cloud partner. Level 2 (Technical Support) and 3 (Bug Fixing) will be provided by ARCHIBUS.

How secure is Archibus Cloud?

Archibus is committed to protecting customer data. In fact, Archibus has a dedicated manager for security information and privacy, who maintains the information security program.

The basis of this program is the security policy information that is adapted to ISO 27001 and includes: operational policies, secure development of software solutions, security of HR activities, asset management, classification and management of information, access control, internal operations & secure delivery of solutions, incident management, business continuity, recovery after disaster, network security, penetration testing and physical and environmental security.

Does ARCHIBUS Cloud comply with the GDPR policy and the EU-US Privacy Shield?

Yes. Archibus is committed to respect customer privacy. The client’s privacy is managed by our Security and Privacy Manager. TRUSTe provides an annual verification of our compliance with EU-US requirements. Privacy Shield and Switzerland-US Privacy Shield.

Will ARCHIBUS Cloud customers use the same database with other customers?

No. Each Archibus Cloud client will have its own database, which means that one client’s database can never be used by another client. This provides a higher level of security compared to multi-user systems.

In what languages is available Archibus Cloud?

Archibus Cloud is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

We are different! That’s why we completely changed the perspective in the IWMS industry.

While most SaaS IWMS solutions focus on small companies and are inevitably capped, Archibus Cloud empowers you with the insights and tools you need to reduce your real estate spend and elevate your employee experience.