Mobile Framework


  1. Gives immediate access to graphical and non-graphical reports, forms, and views — anytime, anywhere - after initially connecting to a Wi-Fi, Internet, or cellular network
  2. Lowers the overall cost of providing a two-way exchange of information to/from a centralized repository to mobile-enabled personnel
  3. Supports hybrid mobile deployments, with an open-standard development environment for easy enhancement
  4. Supports semi-connected native mobile apps to ensure work continuity and productivity even when there is no connection available

ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework Apps provide instant access to workflows and accelerated responsiveness to customer needs

Better service delivery increasingly means faster and more accurate service delivery, a goal now made practical through implementation of the latest mobile technology. Included in Web Central V.21.2, the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework delivers a new breed of secure, easily configurable, and customer-responsive apps, providing accurate facilities information when and where it is needed. ARCHIBUS creates mobile apps once which will run on a variety of late model, high-end mobile devices. And, new technology makes your data — including photos, campus plans, and floor plans — interactive, so that any authorized user can quickly locate spaces, people, assets, and tasks.

Accelerate service delivery with secure, real-time access to ARCHIBUS data from smart phones and tablets. Our mobile apps are available on a wide range of mobile devices and browsers, using HTML5 technology. ARCHIBUS mobile apps:

Workplace Services Portal

The ARCHIBUS Workplace Services Portal App comprises five "mini apps": Reservations, Hoteling, Service Desk, Locate Room or Employees, My Department Space

Asset & Equipment Survey

Organizations use the Asset & Equipment Survey App to obtain consistent data on their equipment assets from the field, using bar codes, QR codes or RFID tags. The pp also offers the possibility to add a photo to the entry in the survey.

Space Book

The Space Book provides all facilities staff with quick and easy access to key building data and drawings on their mobile devices. It also enables them to conduct paperless space surveys that are initiated in the field, or review summary and detailed space information.

Space & Occupancy Survey

The ARCHIBUS Space & Occupancy Survey App provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use tool to ensure that space and occupancy data is maintained at the level of quality required to support the organization's mission objectives.


The Maintenance App is primarily aimed at facilitating the process of creating, updating, and completing work while in the field. The ability to accelerate the on-time completion of work, while also enhancing the quality and accuracy of the information assures that organizations will run more efficiently.


The ARCHIBUS Assessment App extends three ARCHIBUS Web Central applications into the field, because the app also supports the ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment, Commissioning, and Environmental Sustainability Assessment Web Central applications.

Incidents Reporting

The ARCHIBUS Mobile Incidents Reporting App extends the ARCHIBUS Web Central Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) application to the field and provides a structured yet flexible framework to help safety managers track incidents as part of a comprehensive EH&S management solution.

Mobile Executive Reporting

ARCHIBUS Mobile Executive Reporting delivers business intelligence when and where it is needed, including trending analyses, benchmarking facilities, and the ability to drill down into outliers and source data.

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