Construction Log Book


  1. Virtual Document Library for Construction Log Book
  2. Document searching capabilities
  3. Identify the physical location of the original documents
  4. Alerts and notifications
  5. Workflow Manager
  6. Reports based on the data in the application
  7. Complies with relevant legislation

Construction Log Book is an add-on solution developed by ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Romania. Romanian investors and building owners feel the need of specific tools to help them track Reception processes, as well as all the documents related to this, as a consequence of the new regulations in construction, mainly decision 343/2017. Thus, Construction Log Book needs to be filled in with all the changes occurred during usage, by the owner/ person who uses the building in maximum 6 months time, starting with 30/05/2017.
Apart from that, Construction Log Book needs to be handed to the new owner. They must keep and update Construction Log Book. For the buildings which do not have a valid and updated Construction Log Book, the sanction applied is the fine, comprised between 10,000 and 20,000 RON.

Ecran aplicatia Cartea Cladirii

Document library for Construction Log Book

Construction Log Book application, developed by ARCHIBUS Romania, gives you the possibility to manage all the documents of the building, as requested by legislation. Physical documents (authorizations, certificates, plans, etc.) will be scanned and archived in the application, so that they can be easily found later. Construction Log Book includes 4 chapters required by the law:

  • Chapter A: Design
  • Chapter B: Construction
  • Chapter C: Reception
  • Chapter D: Usage
  • Documents are indexed according to different attributes, such as: document number, date of issue, expiry date, issuing authority, if the document is original or a copy, the life cycle of the building in which it is generated, and others. For every document, patterns or models to fill in can be provided. In the same time, information about requested documents for document issuance can be introduced.
    The application provides a Construction Log Book model, based on the norms in force. Chapters and sub-chapters are structured in the order requested by the law. More than that, the structure is a flexible one, allowing adding/deleting of chapters and documents. A basic fix structure of chapters/ sub-chapters and documents is imposed.

    Aplicatia Cartea Cladirii

    Document Searching Features

    Documents can be easily found, using different search criteria, such as the building or project, document type, reference, description, or other attributes of the document you are looking for.

    Fluxuri Cartea Cladirii

    Workflow Manager

    According to current legal requests, for the two building receptions (Acceptance upon Completion (of work) and Final Reception) there are some specific workflows for Committee Notification, Approval, Signing and Archiving of the Reception Report. Construction Log Book application automates the information and document circuits within these flows and provides traceability to the process, while respecting current legal requirements.

    The application allows you to automatically issue the Reception Report and the Suspending Report partially filled in with the data already in the application.

    Harta - Cartea Cladirii

    Documents Inventory of the original documents from the Construction Log Book

    The application offers search location features for the original documents: what building, floor, room, file and class these can be found, so that you can easily access the original document.

    The feature is a bidirectional one, as if we look for a certain document, we can easily find the location and also if we have the location, we can find the particular documents in that location. Document inventory management includes also a map, on which different document locations can be highlighted. Both location selection and document selection will lead to highlighting the location and selected document.

    Checklist - Cartea Cladirii

    Reports and notifications; Document Checklist

    The application sends alerts and notifications before expiry date or re-authorization period of certain documents. It can also highlight, using color codes the missing documents for the Reception.

    Construction Log Book allows document list definition, such as List of required documents for Acceptance upon Completion andList of required documents for Final Reception. These lists can be used at any time, and, based on the documents enclosed in the application, a checklist view will notify you, using a color code, if there are missing documents (not yet enclosed).
    The application also provides a number of reports, design to help you in your endeavour:

  • Building Permit Document Expiration Date, on categories;
  • Expiration of warranty periods report for various constructions;
  • Report with a parallel presentation of the information in the General Note against the updated General Note for various constructions;
  • Suspending Report and the reasons which led to this. The report includes also information about Designer and Constructor.

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