ASM ( Automatic Scheduling Mechanism)


  1. Sends email warnings/ notifications when human decision is required
  2. Resolves schedule conflicts
  3. Resources can be leveled and optimized
  4. Reduces significantly the scheduling effort

ASM views of diferent task allocations and shift distribution

Automatic Scheduling Mechanism (ASM) is an add-on solution that helps significantly reducing scheduling effort, leveling and optimizing resources. ASM reduces significantly scheduling time, ensures equal distribution of resources and better communication between the parties involved in the project. It also takes into account legal holidays, weekends, or priorities set. Scheduling conflicts are dealt with and all human decision requirements are addresses with email warnings. The add-on works with out-of-the box ARCHIBUS software, as a helping tool for Building Operations implementations.

ASM ensures an automatic allocation of tasks based on:

  1. Task priority
  2. Task fixed/floating mode
  3. Task planned date and time and SLA Events
  4. Work shift type (on duty, overtime, holiday etc.)
  5. Maximum work shift percent for preventive maintenance tasks
  6. Service provider trade and type (in house / contractor)
  7. Service provider availability and working window
  8. Task technical parameters (equipment, location, problem type etc.)

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