Solutions for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management

ARCHIBUS Romania offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge, run-anywhere applications to accommodate your organization's needs.

We can help you leverage GIS applications from ESRI (or any other provider, as Google Maps), integrate with BIM-related applications from Autodesk, take advantage of off-site hosting services to free staff from day-to-day ARCHIBUS management, and more. The latest advance in features and functionality has been designed to simplify your work, without adding technical complexity, by automating the flow of information from property design & build phases - to full asset lifecycle management of the global portfolio. More

Solutions for Facility Management service providers

Facility Management service providers are navigating through tough times by aggressively cutting costs, redeploying resources to focus on core missions, and fast-tracking projects that deliver on market opportunities.

The most important management tool in Facility Management - the software solution - needs to support service providers in the full process of building/ equipment maintenance, including HVAC, Electrical systems, sanitary, Fire protection, as well as for the subcontracted services (elevators, gas systems, sound systems, etc). Apart from these, all administrative or corrective maintenance requests related to the building, coming from the customers, need to be addressed in a timely manner. More

Solutions for Infrastructure

Infrastructure management brings specific requests related to tracking, analysis and budget management for the investment projects, as well as asset management and maintenance. More than that, for the companies which ensure preventive and corrective maintenance services for infrastructure assets, workforce management and field activity tracking becomes very important as well. More

Solutions for the Public Sector

Public sector organizations are expected to provide an excellent stewardship of government assets while operating within an environment of increasing regulatory requirements, fluctuating budgets, and changing demographics. Given this challenge, it is crucial to track, manage and report information on the properties and infrastructure that enable an agency to perform its mandate, yet drive operational costs. Every day, governmental organizations like yours improve their service delivery and efficiency with the world's leading integrated facilities and infrastructure management solution - ARCHIBUS. More

Solutions for Universities

As in any other field, also the organizations in education are facing the same difficulties in space management, space, equipment and infrastructure maintenance, keeping safe, functional, and compliant facilities and related infrastructure. ARCHIBUS can help you minimize operating costs and maximize potential reimbursement effectively tracking, analyzing, and reporting facilities-related information which supports strategic decision-making. Every day, educational institutions like yours efficiently perform their core mission by using the sector's leading integrated real estate, facilities, and infrastructure management solution - ARCHIBUS. More

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