Solutions for Infrastructure

Infrastructure management brings specific requests related to tracking, analysis and budget management for the investment projects, as well as asset management and maintenance.

More than that, for the companies which ensure preventive and corrective maintenance services for infrastructure assets, workforce management and field activity tracking becomes very important as well.

Another relevant aspect in infrastructure management is building hand over, monitoring the quality tests as well as the entire authorization and operating documentation of the assets received.

Assessing the state of the infrastructure over its lifespan being able to use mobile assessment and inspection technology is a continuous goal of those who manage the infrastructure.

Last, but not least, all these processes from the infrastructure lifespan

needs to be monitored using dashboards or specific performance metrics. All the requirements presented so far are covered by ARCHIBUS solutions. We can help you leverage GIS applications from ESRI (or any other provider, as Google Maps), integrate with BIM-related applications from Autodesk, take advantage of off-site hosting services to free staff from day-to-day ARCHIBUS management, and more.

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