ARCHIBUS Implementation


The implementation projects are run by ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Romania following the ARCHIBUS Best Practice methodology, developed and improved during our 10 years projects experience.

ARCHIBUS implementation can be a standard (Commercial of the shelf COTS) or customizes one (adapted to the client's needs). Customized implementation services offered by ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania include several steps, one of them being requests analysis, in which we analyze current company needs, processes, workflows, reporting and surveying needs, as well as other applications that can be integrated with ARCHIBUS.

Design document in the design phase describes the technical and functional architecture of the applications, to which we will refer in the solution customization phase.

In construction phase necessary adaptations specific flows, custom interfaces and reports will be developed and all necessary conditions for production phase will be fulfilled: training, preparing and data migration from previous applications used, testing and production environment installation.

A crucial aspect for the success of any implementation is related to data conversion. Our concern is not only linked to adapting the solution to the specific business processes and requirements of our customers, but also to assist them to capture, organize and standardize the information.
After the data take-over, ARCHIBUS platform becomes the company repository for the assets and moreover, an internal knowledge system, comprising roles, procedures, workflows, and processes.

ARCHIBUS can be integrated with other ERP applications such as Human Resources, Financial, and Security systems to increase functionality and productivity. Work with our specialists to implement the powerful ARCHIBUS integration tools that bridge departmental applications, ultimately adding value to everyone's work.

Technologies Used To Deliver Integration Solutions ARCHIBUS can deploy multiple tools and techniques to support emerging application-to-application technologies:

  1. Batch data migration
  2. AutoLisp xdata translation
  3. Database "Back-End"
  4. E-mail messaging
  5. ActiveX
  6. API / OLE automation
  7. JavaScript
  8. HTML
  9. XML
  10. XSL
  11. VB script


Learn how to take full advantage of ARCHIBUS to enhance your productivity. ARCHIBUS Romania offers a wide range of training options to serve all levels of trainees —from novice through advanced— and allows you to design a curriculum that best meets your specific requirements. Courses can be arranged and customized for an organization's special requirements and delivered on-site. They address users, application admins and QA teams.

Educational Programs offered by ARCHIBUS Romania

Real Estate and Facility Management professionals development is based on advanced teachers and students competences in the field.

ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Romania supports proactively competence development in Facility Management on the Romanian market, delivering training programs together with ROFMA (Romanian Facility Management Association) or the Polytechnic Institute from Bucharest. Presented topics:

  • Data structures in FM; It support analyses in FM, IT Instruments- pros and cons, IT instruments integration for process optimization;
  • CMMS, CAFM and Property Management software (differences and advantages);
  • Advanced reporting, client direct control;

Our experts also share their experience and knowledge in space and volumes measuring (CAD implementation in CAFM and other FM software), space management (strategy and workplace planning, new ways of working) and energy assessment services in conferences and training programs organized by ROFMA(Romanian Facility Management Association) or other specific conferences.

Our colleague, PhD. Eng. Ioana Udrea, together with Prof. PhD. Eng. Mihail-Viorel BĂDESCU deliver several training programs in the Masters Program– Engineering and Management – Facility Management, from Polytechnics University, Bucharest.

ARCHIBUS supports knowledge update in Real Estate and Facility Management, providing an education program for the academic environment, meant to make the transition from theory to practice easier .

The ARCHIBUS Education Grants Program has been accessed by Universities and Colleges all over the world, including Polytechnics University in Bucharest. The Program provides ARCHIBUS software to educational institutions (universities, colleges, high schools, etc.) for use in their own academic programs.

Polytechnics University in Bucharest will use ARCHIBUS software in their Engineering and Management Master program - Facility Management.

The goals of the Grants Program are to:

  • Support real estate, infrastructure & facility management training in educational institutions
  • Encourage the development of applications, training, curriculum, and research using ARCHIBUS software.
  • Since its inception, the ARCHIBUS program has awarded dozens of grants to qualifying organizations around the world.

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