ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania provides end-to-end services related to ARCHIBUS projects: training, implementation, data migration, support and subscription and several additional professional services, such as energy calculation, space planning consulting, preparation for IES compliance and others. Our objective is to help our customers to realize the highest return of their ARCHIBUS investment.

By combining the international best practice with local knowledge and support and using the best technology available on the market, ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania provides solutions for organizations in sectors such as finance, telecom, energy, education, manufacturing and many others. ARCHIBUS implementation can be a standard (Commercial of the shelf COTS) or customizes one (adapted to the client's needs). Customized implementation services offered by ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania include several steps, one of them being requests analysis, in which we analyze current company needs, processes, workflows, reporting and surveying needs, as well as other applications that can be integrated with ARCHIBUS.

A crucial aspect for the success of any implementation is related to data conversion. Our concern is not only linked to adapting the solution to the specific business processes and requirements of our customers, but also to assist them to capture, organize and standardize the information. After the data take-over, ARCHIBUS platform becomes the company repository for the assets and moreover, an internal knowledge system, comprising roles, procedures, workflows, and processes.
ARCHIBUS Romania is an active part of a global network of professional expertise. We have been involved in many projects outside Romanian borders, and we improved our knowledge and methodology.

Technical Support

Make sure you're getting the most out of your ARCHIBUS solution by taking advantage of the comprehensive technical support available from ARCHIBUS Romania, your local ARCHIBUS trained specialist. Two technical support options available directly from ARCHIBUS Romania allow you to choose the most appropriate program for your organization's needs.

Whichever plan you choose, authorized individuals in your organization communicate with technical support staff via the ARCHIBUS Web site, telephone, e-mail, or other mechanisms. ARCHIBUS Romania offers support hours during normal business hours. ARCHIBUS Romania, as your local trained specialist, may also offer additional technical support in your native language and/or time zone.

Energy Assessment Services

ARCHIBUS provides services of building energy performance certification and energy auditing. We can help you both in terms of the effect of thermal bridge calculation for any building envelope detail and to evaluate the thermal efficiency of the whole frame – window assembly. We perform measurements for estimating the thermal comfort of buildings occupants.

Space Planning – NWOW (New Ways of Working)

Companies with a big number of employees and much working space often face the need of identifying over and under utilized areas, in order to optimize workflows, or simply solve security, confidentiality or space issues, and accommodate new equipment or staff.

IES Approval / Authorization

ARCHIBUS Romania offers a full package of services thought to help you get fire safety authorizations and approvals. Our team's flexibility and dynamic structure meets your needs by providing integrated IES Approvals/Authorizations services. ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania can cover the entire range of services, including situation plans, fire safety scenarios, technical documentation, technical agreements or certificates of conformity for the fire safety building products, design reviewer’s report for the „fire safety” essential requirement – buildings and installations and many more to meet your needs and requirements.

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