Allows employees to reserve spaces,

request services from any device,

under the supervision of managers who can approve and monitor activities or priorities.

Archibus Cloud Add-on Module for Reservations

Improves employee work experience and increases team productivity by reducing time spent on operational tasks and automating work processes.

Enhance the employee experience by letting your staff choose the environment and conditions they need to perform at their best.
Work Stations
Browse Interactive
Floor Plans
Track Reservations
from Personal Homepage
Scan QR Codes
for Spaces and Assets
Calendar Console
Manage Requests in
Service Console
Track Metrics on
Bookings and Requests
Avoid Conflict Over Meeting Rooms (Integrated with Outlook)

Ensure that staff can always find a place to meet with a seamless reservations system. Find and book meeting spaces by time, availability, and amenities.

Coordinate Open Workstation Bookings

Allow staff to choose the work environments that best suit their projects throughout the day, week, and month ahead. Book stations for immediate needs, or set recurring bookings for on-going efforts.

Centralize View of All Reservations

Enable managers to oversee all reservations from the Reservations Calendar Console and resolve any conflicts. Enable employees to track their bookings from personal homepage on personal devices.

Let Demand Drive Space Use and Planning

Understand which spaces are high or low demand to inform planning. Prevent vacant rooms from sitting empty by ensuring employees can find vacant spaces, wherever they are on campus.

Foster Employee Well-Being

Enable employees to express their needs through one interface for searching the workplace, booking spaces, and requesting services.

Discover how you can reduce the costs in Real Estate and improve employee experience.

The workspace is more than just Real Estate. It is a strategic asset and catalyst for cultural change.


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