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ARCHIBUS Solution Center- Romania & Romanian Space Agency - ROSA

Collaborative platform for data management and capabilities, facilities and resources promotion of the Romanian organizations with space related activities (RO-SPACE)

Total value of the contract: 1.449.495,00 RON From which: Source 1 – State Budget: 1.200.250,00 RON Source 2 – ASC RO co-financing: 249.245,00 RON
Project code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1900
Contract number: 308/2014

Project description

The participation of the Romanian RDI environment to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) programs is one of Romania’s most important objectives and one of the main missions of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) as Romania’s representative in ESA (Law 262/2011). Today, the identification and management of players, components, research capabilities, the potential and facilities that may allow the engaging of institutes, universities or the private sector in ESA space research projects is a complex process that implies specific instruments. The matching methods between the research “demand” and components, facilities and resources “supply” need an interactive, adaptive, accessible and controllable system, in which Romania’s participation to the ESA programs is adequately stimulated and managed.

In order to increase the capabilities of Romanian organizations to participate in the ESA programs and projects, the knowledge, competences and information must be subjected to a very well defined promotion and capitalization process. Examples in which the R&D bore a higher degree of capitalization than the usual average (Nissan, General Electric) have confirmed that the research, innovation in general, is greatly accelerated towards their financial capitalization within a system, if a virtual collaborating nucleus is constituted in which each participating player, having associated competences and resources, must be presented depending on context and their “transactional” competences. Identification at national level of these entities with real participation capabilities to the ESA space research programs and projects, makes necessary and useful the building of a centralizing and managing instrument for possible members of the same virtual collaborating nucleus, materialized in a web portal.

The project’s novelty consists in the identification, defining and researching or filtering and concatenation algorithms that ensure both the above mentioned matching between the “demand” (programs, projects, etc.) and “supply” (competences, facilities, research infrastructure, as well as the “matching” between the potential participating organizations in order to obtain some competences that may answer to complex requests (partnerships based on complementarity). The portal will be accessible to any organization, following a registration process and (tangible and intangible) assets validation (material and immaterial) and shall host both information regarding Romanian entities as well as information on ESA programs and projects (or belonging to other financing organizations). The portal’s collaborative role is given by algorithms for correlating “demand” with “supply”, as well as automated updating mechanisms (through web services) of information made available by ESA (or of other financing organizations) with those made available by the potential implicated players.
RO-SPACE portal shall be built as a “management, transaction and promotion” instrument for intangible values and assets necessary for research and production, correlated with the collaboration opportunities within the ESA projects, in the first stage, later to be extended for other national and international programs and projects.
The portal shall provide the instrument to create and manage partnerships in order to make some complex products and services. The dynamic generated by this instrument shall ensure the support in preparing a coherent strategy in the field and shall allow a very rapid promotion and capitalization of R&D in the space field by: * Stimulating the participation of Romanian organization in ESA programs; * Ensuring input data for the national strategy in the space field (competences, resources, facilities); * Attracting young researchers in research processes and programs through a large and structured dissemination of information; * Quick capitalization of Romanian research product in the space field through ensuring the bidirectional informational support (Romanian-ESA).

The platform shall have 4 main components:
  • One component dedicated to loading data regarding research competences, capabilities, institutes universities private sector resources and facilities. The data shall be supplied to the registering system. They shall be the exclusive property of that organization and shall be updated at any moment by the latter.
  • One component for introducing in the system information on projects and programs available in the space field (taking up data from the EMITS – Electronic Mailing Invitation to Tender System- portal administered by ESA, manual input or take-up of data regarding other types of available projects)
  • One component for establishing compatibilities between the system registered organizations and the projects or programs on which there is information in the system (“matching” algorithm)
  • One “mailing” component and automated dissemination of information based on the “matching” algorithm selecting criteria.
  • The research project core shall be the design of an automated matching algorithm and classification between the projects launched by ESA and the existing RD competences and facilities of the Romanian organizations. The research objectives’ purpose is to analyze and generate a matching weighing, ordering and concatenation algorithm based on some criteria that shall be identified in the project. This shall generate a ranking within the system generated proposals, suggesting and facilitating the identification of the perfect match between the potential (participating) tendering organization and the projects’ requirements, thus shortening the response time and speed in the tender process within the competitions for ESA projects.

    Projects history

    None of these algorithms shall constitute an exclusive selection criteria for participation in the ESA projects but shall be an information management instrument that shall ensure easy access to public data on ESA programs and projects.

    The matching algorithm shall be integrated in a larger information flow that shall include:
  • Manual/automated data take up about the programs and calls for new projects that appear on the ESA administered EMITS (Electronic Mailing Invitation to Tender System) portal;
  • Presentation of data in the collaborative RO-SPACE portal, that shall be created as part of the project, where access to data shall be shared collaboratively, based on personalized access rights depending on the user’s role, keeping and taking into consideration the supplied shared data confidentiality. The portal shall have a ROSA members’ access/management area and an access/management area opened to companies who have registered on the portal.
  • the possibility of loading new information based on predefined template system;
  • a portal area in which the ROSA personnel can qualify the projects so as to be able to be automatically processed by the “matching” algorithm. Certain projects’ criteria and features that shall be established during the research shall be automatically identified by the reading and take-up algorithm from the ESA platform.
  • the matching mechanism that shall be able to identify and propose one or more of the team versions (partnerships) that may participate in different complex projects within the portal. The operating method and parameters constitute the scope of the research project;
  • the re-matching mechanism – a partial matching algorithm shall be designed, similar to the matching algorithm, that shall start from a partial project team and shall propose alternative filling team options. The operating method and parameters constitute the scope of the research project;
  • a suggested project team validation mechanism;
  • a mechanism for notifying the companies identified as potential project participating partners. The notification shall contain a standard ROSA message, data referring to the project as well as other data that shall be established later;
  • a portal area for validating entry and participation in projects for notified teams;
  • different notifications: deadlines, entries, notification replies, other notifications that shall be analyzed and established during the project

    ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania

    Linek Anna Maria Project director
    Cristescu Traian-Ion Developer
    Popescu Razvan Paul Senior Developer
    Dragomir (Puscasu) Monica Data Analyst
    Reghina Cristina-Mihaela Senior Developer
    Tanasescu Catalin Infrastructure Administrator
    Avasilichioaei Daniel Airspace Engineer
    Darie Lucian IT Solution Architect
    Solca Emil Data Analyst
    Bejgu Stefan-Andrei IT Solution Tester
    Borta Cristian Developer
    Marina Iurii Senior Developer
    Paduraru Ana Developer
    Purice Ioan-Catalin IT Solution Developer
    Loredana Toader IT Solution Tester

    Romanian Space Agency - ROSA

    Manciu Gabriel Viorel (Project Coordinator)
    Piso Marius-Ioan (CD I, dr.)
    Nedelcu Ion (CD, drd.)
    Nistor Cosmin (CS, Coordinator Infrastructure & implementation Hardware)
    Neagu Oana Maria (CS)
    Vlad Sandru Ioana (CS, dr.)
    Poenaru Violeta (CS, dr.)
    Bratasanu Dragos (CS, dr.)
    Manciu Irina Petra (CS)
    Radutu Alina (CS)
    Bobe Alexandru (, Coordinator web implementation)
    Burghiu Florina (CS, Financial Responsible)

    Expected results

    RO-SPACE project creates a background for the promotion and informing of the Romanian organizations that operate in the space field with respect to the programs and projects of some prestigious financing organizations (especially ESA) The project’s main purpose is to provide Romanian organizations that operate in the space field (RD, training, production, counseling etc.) with a real time information instrument regarding the collaboration opportunities with international financing organizations especially ESA, in specific programs and projects in this field and in related fields.

    Also the project provides a structured background in order to make partnerships by identifying complementary values (competences, resources, facilities, etc.) and making the collaboration dynamic between the Romanian and international organizations.

    Main objectives within the project:

  • creation of a structured database with the Romanian organizations that operate in the space field;
  • providing an output that constitutes inputs (hypotheses) for the national strategy in the space field;
  • providing a real time information instrument regarding the collaboration opportunities in international programs and projects (especially ESA). The information shall have a bidirectional nature providing data on programs and projects to the Romanian organizations and data on Romanian organizations (competences, resources, facilities etc.) to the financing organizations.
  • Derivative objectives:

  • Encourage research-development, production, training, counseling etc activities made in a partnership, by identification, defining and creation of a correlation, filtering and concatenation algorithm to ensure both a matching between demand (programs, projects etc.) and supply (competences, facilities, research infrastructure etc.) as well as a match between the potential participating organizations in order to obtain some complex competences that may answer to some complex demands (partnerships based on complementarity);
  • Integrating Romanian research to the evolution and requirements of the European and international environment;
  • Stimulating the implication in organizations’ research-development activities in the private sector, in order to perform activities that may exploit their competitive advantage;
  • Development of ROSA’s infrastructure and capacity to promote the Romanian potential in international and European research-development activities and technological transfer (especially in relation to ESA);
  • Speeding of capitalization of research results, made real by the rapid transformation of innovation in financial value.
  • Activity Reporting presenting project status:

    First Phase: July-December 2014

  • Defining research communities;
  • Establishing the potential participants categories;
  • Specific particularities;
  • Functional requirements analysis.
  • Results:

    First Phase:

  • Documentation of definition research communities and potential participants- specific requirements;
  • Documentation of functional requirements analysis
  • Installation and setup development environment Report.
  • * Summary of the first phase: RO-SPACE_Etapa1_Raport stiiintific, rezumat.pdf

      Second phase:

      Following functional requirements, as well as possible classification parametric - which were the scope of the first phase - solution design has been started. In the phase of solution architecture, rules related to portal development have been established, mainly: 1. User authentication 2. Validation and authentication of a new user 3. Application data initialization definition 4. Project Administration definition 5.Report design definition ( Project Matching Report and Project Applicants Report) 6. Data Base diagram The objective of this phase was the design of the ROSPACE solution architecture, which was fully carried out in the contractual conditions. * Summary document of the second phase: RO-SPACE_Etapa2_Raport stiiintific, rezumat.pdf

      Third phase:

      In urma definirii cerintelor functionale, a structurilor si a parametrilor posibili de clasificare si realizarea designului bazei de date, activitati care au constituit subiectul primelor doua etape, s-a trecut la dezvoltatrea modelului experimental pentru “Platforma colaborativa pentru managementul informatiilor si promovarea competentelor, facilitatilor si resurselor organizatiilor din Romania cu activitate in domeniul spatial”- Etapa III - Elaborarea modelului experimental. In etapa de dezvoltare a modelului experimental s-a configurat spatiul colaborativ, s-au incarcat date de test si s-au demonstrat operabilitatea prototipului de portal - platforma colaborativa.
      Document rezumat etapa 3: RO-SPACE_Etapa3_Raport stiiintific, rezumat.pdf


      ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania
      Anna-Maria Linek, Project Director,
      +4 0755 157 811

      Forth phase:

      In urma elaborarii modelului experimental din etapa precedenta, prin configurarea spatiului colaborativ , incarcarea datelor de test si demonstrarea initiala a operabilitatii prototipului prin incarcarea in platforma colaborativa a unui set initial de date test, in Etapa IV – “Demonstrare operabilitate prototip. Definire si implementare acorduri de utilizare spatiu colaborativ. Diseminare rezultate” s-a trecut la demonstrarea ulterioara a operabilitatii prototipului prin incarcarea unui set suplimentar de date si stabilirea acordului de acces si utilizare a platformei colaborative. Ca urmarea a acestor faze de dezvoltare s-au organizat sesiuni de informare pentru a asigura diseminare rezultatelor obtinute in cadrul proiectului “Platforma colaborativa pentru managementul informatiilor si promovarea competentelor, facilitatilor si resurselor organizatiilor din Romania cu activitate in domeniul spatial.
      Document rezumat etapa 4: RO-SPACE_Etapa4_Raport stiiintific, rezumat.pdf
      Document raport final: RO-SPACE_Raport stiiintific_final.pdf


      Agentia Spatiala Romana
      Viorel Manciu, Project Responsible,,
      +4 021 316 8722

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