Philadelphia Streamlines an Entire School District with ARCHIBUS

School District Case Study

School District Case Study

The Challenge

The School District of Philadelphia is the 8th largest in the US, encompassing a massive and complex array of assets and stakeholders. The district includes approximately 130,000 students, 300+ buildings,1400 acres of land, and 29M sqft of space, all maintained by approximately 1300 cleaning and building staff, 230 mechanics, and 200 Building Engineers. The district is also one of the country’s oldest, with an average building age of 67 years old, including many buildings whose lifespan began over a century ago, with systems of varying ages.

In 2015, outdated processes and fragmented data were creating a significant drag in operations. It was time for the school district to centralize onto a single system through which to coordinate across departments, including the maintenance, operations, capital programs, food and service, transportation, and environmental departments.

The Implementation

The goal was to have a single source of data where all stakeholders could work with the same clean data to track the history, needs, workflow, and resources of the school district’s many assets. By streamlining operations through a single repository of data, the School District of Philadelphia hoped to employ smarter and leaner strategies for meeting its goals.

In December 2015, the school district began centralizing data and operations on ARCHIBUS. Records were cleaned and digitized, data was sorted, and 22 applications were implemented, with varying degrees of personalization to suite specific needs. The project was expansive, and made differences in several key areas.