Maximize the return on investment

using a preventive strategy that prioritizes maintenance

... depending on the critical condition of the equipment.

Archibus Cloud Add-on Module for Building Operations

Follow, evaluate and optimize operations with proactive tools for maintenance automation, to enhance the company's results.

Reduce operational overhead with a preventive maintenance plan that optimizes work and labor around critical needs.
Maintenance Planner
Work Orders
Building Operations
Improve Response Time for Work Orders

Enable service professionals to receive and update work orders on-site with a mobile interface that provides all the relevant data they need to get the job done.

Maximize ROI with Preventive Maintenance

Prevent costly breaks before they happen with an automated schedule of preventive maintenance. Anticipate budgetary needs in advance, and avoid inefficiencies of costly, unplanned labor.

Prioritize Critical Work

Enable facility managers to view all work orders in a single console where they can review, approve, and investigate the tasks most critical to mission success.

Evaluate Time, Cost, and Labor

Generate advanced reports on costs, labor, work types, and more to track and benchmark performance over time.

Optimize Labor Schedules

Reduce downtime and distribute labor by availability, performance, and hours worked that week.

Be More Effective with Standardized SLAs

Use the SLA wizard to ensure that all work orders follow a standardized workflow. Provide a coordinated, planned, and effective response.

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