Asset Management

ARCHIBUS Romania offers a variety of platform and mobile solutions to accommodate your organization's needs

Increasing asset utilization and optimizing acquisition and/or disposition practices are essential to increasing organizational efficiency and achieving superior financial results. ARCHIBUS Asset Management solutions provide an integrated view of all assets, including properties, buildings, land, structures, equipment and furniture. Asset Management mobile apps provide point of-activity interfaces for asset acceptance and field surveys, and Web-based consoles provide transparency into key asset lifecycle data to optimize tactical asset management decisions. These integrated capabilities speed day-to-day decision-making for real estate, infrastructure and facilities operations.

Asset Management module includes a number of applications, apart from the mobile apps:

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Integrate strategic real estate planning, capital planning, portfolio project management, finance and operations information to align all assets to an organization’s objectives

Asset Portal

Track and manage physical assets to improve data accuracy, increase asset utilization, and optimize acquisition or disposition decisions.

Asset Management

Optimize the use of all assets throughout their full operational lifecycle, from acceptance through operational use, repurposing and disposal

Furniture and Equipment Management

Monitor and control physical asset cost and utilization to increase organizational accountability

Telecommunications & Cable Management

Manage every aspect of your network infrastructure to facilitate planning, improve asset management, and enhance customer service

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