ARCHIBUS solutions used successfully by more airports in Europe and the entire world

Rome, Turin, Barcelona, Madrid, Inchon, GACA Saudi Arabia, IATA, SITA airports are just a few of the airport industry companies that use ARCHIBUS.

They have chosen ARCHIBUS, wanting to identify and use the technological platform with the greatest potential to improve the experience of the passengers and increase operational efficiency.

ARCHIBUS is used in these airports to:

– optimize space management, contract and Real Estate management

– corrective and preventive maintenance of buildings and equipment, vendor management, cost savings, as well as time savings for equipment usage

– tracking of all ground systems in only one dashboard and workflow automation so that non-compliant operation of systems or equipment would automatically generate alerting service providers and automatically send intervention teams 

integration of sensors to improve energy efficiency or to implement predictive maintenance measures.

Advantages of these implementations:

Rome Airport:

80% Savings on Data calculation

Facilities Facts: Over 1.25 million square meters of space, 1,600 of land, 130 ARCHIBUS users, 50,000 + drawings. Fiumicino airport capacity expected to double by 2040

ARCHIBUS Applications: Web Central, Space Management, Real Estate & Portfolio Management, Building Operations Management

Benefits Gained: 30% savings in data collection, management and updates on retail and other spaces; up to 80% savings on accounting data management; better control of rapidly expanding airport footprint

Plans for Future Use:

Addition of ARCHIBUS Furniture & Equipment Management, Telecommunications & Cable Management, Fleet Management, Enterprise Move Management, Reservations, Strategic Master Planning, TEAMS Environmental Health & Safety applications


View the full Case Study of this implementation

Turin Airport:

Managing Maintenance and Safety in a Complex Environment at Italy’s Turin Airport with ARCHIBUS

Facilities Facts:       Main terminal has a total of 57,000 sq.m. (approximately 600,000 sq. feet) of space; 22 boarding gates; 3,300 meters of runway; capacity to process 5,000 passengers an hour, nearly 4,000,000 passengers annually; multi level parking for 3,000 cars. For two years in a row, Turin Airport has been the winner of the Best Airport Awards (ACI Europe).

ARCHIBUS Applications: On Demand Work, Preventive Maintenance

Benefits Gained: Improved maintenance of interior and exterior spaces; greater responsiveness to, and tracking of work order progress; improved budget control; enhanced passenger safety

Interesting Facts: Because wireless networks couldn’t be extended to every corner of the airport, ARCHIBUS was installed directly on tablets so that they would later be synchronized with the ARCHIBUS server to exchange work order or other needed field information. In addition to supplying weather, plane schedule and other data about which workers needed to be informed, the tablets also carried the day’s inspection orders so workers could carry out their responsibilities, which can be tracked and reported on via the tablet or over  wireless connections where available. The advantages have been both obvious and numerous.


View the full Case Study of this implementation